Maribosøerne Nature Park

Discover Nakskov and the surrounding area by bike.

Rent a bike to the Maribo Lakes Nature Park

Maribosøerne is one of Denmark's largest freshwater systems with a total of 1140 hectares of water surface. Søndersø is the largest of the lakes and Denmark's 8th largest lake. It consists of three basins and with its 13 regular islands, 6 small islets and 3 hanging islands, it is by far Denmark's most deserted lake. Røgbølle Lake is the second largest, followed by Hejrede Lake and Nørresø.

The vast majority of the lakes are privately owned and the estates of Søholt, Engestofte and Knuthenborg are among the largest landowners. Lolland Municipality owns the islands of Hestø, Fruerø and Præstø in Søndersø, and there is public access to the three islands. The other islands are privately owned by the estates of Engestofte and Søholt.

The largest of the islands is the 17-hectare island Borgø, which is the only island in Søndersø that has been inhabited in recent times. Many of the smaller islands are very important breeding sites for birds, including Arctic terns and hooded gulls.

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The magnificent and varied landscape of the Maribo Lakes Nature Park attracts many tourists and nature lovers from Denmark and abroad.

The Maribo lakes are located in an area with large depressions formed by the melting of huge blocks of ice left behind by glaciers during the last ice age. As a result, the landscape around the lakes is - by Lolland standards - quite hilly, reaching heights of over 20 meters.

The four lakes Søndersø, Røgbølle Sø, Hejrede Sø and Nørresø are surrounded by large areas of forest, marshland and cultivated fields. The manor houses of Søholt, Ulriksdal and Engestofte, close to the lakes, have left their mark on the lakes' surroundings with their large forest areas, meadows and relatively large areas of undeveloped farmland, so that today the landscape is a varied mosaic of lake, forest, meadow, bog and farmland in the middle of the Lolland cultural landscape.