Kragenæs Harbor

Bike rental near Kragenæs Harbor, close to the Dodikalites.

Bike rental near Kragenæs harbor

We rent bikes near Kragenæs harbor at Larsson Cykler. The Dodikalites, one of Lolland's biggest tourist attractions, are located next to the harbor. Alternatively, you can take your bike on board the ferry and enjoy a day on Fejø or Femø. Other cycling tour suggestion: The LollandAlps

Explore Kragenæs on Lolland

Kragenæs Marina Lystcamp
Kragenæs Marina Lystcamp offers the perfect conditions for nature lovers who prefer outdoor activities. There are plenty of idyllic bike rides with proper conditions.

A one-of-a-kind and unique monument.

High up in the "Lolland Alps" you can experience the impressive monument Dodekalitten. 10 enormous stones carved out of granite have been erected in a circle - the finished work of art will consist of 12 stones.