Hyldtofte Østersøbad

Hyldtofte Østersøbad is a scenic holiday home area, mainly with large maintenance-free natural plots and a good bathing beach.

Bicycle rental at Østersøbadet

Experience cycling on the dike, along Lolland’s south coast. Get really close to Fehmarn construction of the world’s longest immersed tunnel. It is a completely unique experience.

Rent your bike on Donkey here

You can rent your bike on Donkey bikes below.

Larsson bikes work with Donkey Bikes, which can be found all over Lolland and Falster. You can easily rent bikes for the whole family via their app.

You must experience this on Lolland-Falster

Experience wild horses.

Experience wild horses on the bike route “Wild horses” that await many experiences in the nature reserve Saksfjed-Hyllekrog.

Link: The Wild Horse route

Nature Park Maribosøerne

One of the great excursions by bike goes to Naturpark Maribosøerne. If you rent your bikes from us, you can find the most idyllic, nature-friendly areas in this area.

Link: Nature Park Maribosøerne

Come by Larsson-Cykler

Come by our bike shop in Maribo, where you can rent your bikes, but also take a look at our store. We can give you tips and tricks for a tour of Lolland-Falster and make the best bikes available.

Quality bikes

All bicycles in our bicycle rental are bicycles from Larsson-cykler.dk. This means our bikes are safe and mandatory, selected for the purpose and always supervised by a professional.


All bicycles are maintained by Larsson bicycles and are therefore serviced and ready for use. We ensure the bikes are maintained so you get the best experience.

Bicycles for the whole family

We have bicycles for the whole family, and with our many rental places on Lolland and Falster, we have children's bicycles, bicycles for adults and all the equipment you need on the trip.