Attractions on Lolland & Falster

We offer many cultural and scenic experiences on Lolland Falster. These can be seen and enjoyed in a completely different way by bike.

The pace is different on a bike, so you can take in all the sights, smells and sounds in a completely different and intense way.

The vast majority of attractions are located on one of the nature country's cycling routes.

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Rent your bike in Maribo here

Larsson-Cykler is headquartered in Maribo, where the shop is open for bike rental with road service, high quality and a smile.

We rent out bikes throughout Lolland-Falster and are located near the main attractions. We make it easy and safe for you to choose your bike.

Places to visit in Maribo

Knuthenborg Safari Park

Going on a tour through Maribo? Knuthenborg Safari Park is well worth a visit, where you can see animals from all over the world.

Bike safari

Maribosøerne Nature Park

One of the great cycling excursions is to the Maribo Lakes Nature Park. If you rent your bikes from us, you'll find the most idyllic, nature-friendly areas in this area.

In the land of the sea eagle

Stop by Larsson-Cykler
Stop by our bike shop in Maribo, where you can rent your bikes, but also take a look around our shop. We can give you tips and tricks for touring Lolland-Falster and provide you with the best bikes.