General information

Name: Larsson Cykler
CVR: 37606553
Address: Torvet 11, 4930 Maribo
Telephone number: +45 4264 2024


Marielyst Strandvej 30, 4873 Væggerløse

Telephone number :+45 93 400 100


Online trading with Larsson-bike can only take place if the user agrees to the terms and conditions that apply to trading on the site. Larsson-bike is subject to the laws and regulations on product liability in Denmark in force at any given time.

Terms of purchase

The following terms apply to all deliveries from Larsson bike. The conditions apply in cases where no other written agreements have been entered into between you as the buyer and Larsson Cykler. All prices listed on the booking page are in DKK (Danish kroner) and include VAT.


At you can order a wide range of rental bikes. If you have inquiries about bicycles that are not on the site, please feel free to contact us. All prices are incl. VAT and other taxes as well as calculated at daily prices. When you shop with Larsson bike, agreements are made in Danish.


The amount will only be charged once the agreement has been approved by both partners and the booking has been made.

Delivery / Pickup

Delivery time is usually between 8-11 the day after ordering.

Collection must be on the day, as agreed when ordering.


Be aware that it can be difficult to reproduce colors 100% correctly on images. We are not responsible for minor differences in shades or sizes on our site. This alone will not be able to trigger a refund of any costs. We take reservations, for printing errors on the page, incorrect prices, etc.

Payment of goods

You have three payment options at

  • Payment cards – Dankort, VISA, mastercard etc. The entered card information is transferred to via a secure connection, which handles the entire process.
  • Mobilepay. You can select mobilepay at checkout through epay.
  • Pay on arrival. If you choose to pick up the ordered items in the store, you have the opportunity to pay on arrival in the store.

Right of complaint

Complaints must be made upon receipt of the bicycles.

The complaint does not apply to errors or damage committed by incorrect operation of the product / service.

No deposit is taken when renting bicycles.

Terms and conditions for Larsson Bikes (part of Larsson Bikes) for bike rental.

1: When you rent bikes and accessories from Larsson Bikes you agree to be bound by the following terms and conditions:

General provisions

2: Rented bikes and equipment are the property of Larsson Bikes.

3: The bikes can be picked up in the shop from 10:00.
At the end of the rental, the bike must be returned the following day by 10:00 at the latest.
4: The hirer shall not make the hired bicycle available to third parties.
5: Passport or EU driving license no. is written on the booking page as proof of identity.
6: Children under 18 must be accompanied by an adult during the rental period.
7: Security / Deposit. Larsson Bikes may ask for a deposit.
8: In case the rented bike is returned after the agreed deadline, an additional fee will be calculated

for the extended rental period.
9: The person signing the rental contract form will be held financially responsible for any loss or damage to the rented property and is fully aware of these terms and conditions.
10: Any damage to the bicycle and equipment must be paid for. This would include crooked wheels, dents or breakage of any component that requires replacement to make the bike work. We only charge the cost of spare parts, not labor.

Responsibilities of the tenant
11: The bicycle and all other rented equipment must be returned in good and undamaged condition, within the agreed return period. If the bike breaks down during the rental period, it is the renter’s responsibility to return the bike to the rental location.

12: In the event of an accident, the hirer must provide Larsson Bikes with a detailed written report accompanied by a sketch. The accident report must include the names and addresses of all persons involved, including witnesses, as well as the registration numbers of any vehicle.
13: In case of theft of bicycle/rented accessories, the renter must notify Larsson Bikes immediately. The renter will be responsible for the full cost of replacement for the bike and/or rented accessories at the time of the theft.
14: The renter waives claims against Larsson Bikes for accidents, damages or injuries that have occurred during the use of the rented bicycle. It is the tenant who is responsible for all related claims.
15: The renter is fully responsible for all and any damage that may occur from the moment the bike is rented until its return.

Responsibility Larsson Bikes

16: Larsson Bikes is responsible for the good technical condition of the bicycles offered and that each bicycle is regularly serviced.
17: Larsson Bikes reserves the right to refuse to rent a bike if the client is deemed to be unreliable.
18: Larsson Bikes cannot be held responsible for damage caused by unpredictable terrain such as varied gradients, ice, mud, potholes, gravel or narrow paths, negligence of other road users, persons or vehicles.

Traffic violations

19: It is the tenant’s own responsibility to comply with Danish traffic regulations.
20: The tenant agrees to pay on all fines and legal costs, including administrative fees for
violation of local bylaws and all other legal violations issued against Larsson Bikes during the rental period. This includes cycling in areas where cycling is not allowed.Health & Safety

21: Any person using Larsson Bikes bicycles and equipment does so at their own risk. Larsson Bikes accepts no liability for personal injury, loss or damage to property, including damage / soiling of clothing during the rental period. The tenant is fully responsible for any accident, injury or death.
22: We recommend wearing a helmet during the rental.

23: Any cancellations must be made by text message or phone. Cannot be done once the rental period has started.