Nybolig Marielyst

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We cover both Lolland and Falster with our bike rental and have stations in many locations - including Marielyst. Find us near Nybolig Marielyst.

Places to visit on Lolland-Falster

From market town to fishing village
Wherever you go on Lolland-Falster, you'll find plenty of bike rental options. We cover the entire area with great quality and service. Tour suggestions: From market town to fishing village
Attractions on both islands
In addition to the Femern Infocenter, Lolland-Falster offers a lot of exciting activities. Visit Knuthenborg Safari, Crocodile Zoo or Pomle Nakke Traktørsted.
Rich history at Gedesby Mill
Gedesby Mølle is a Dutch mill known for its idyllic surroundings on Falster. It has been in use since 1911 and is Denmark's southernmost Dutch mill. Tour suggestions: Southernmost Denmark