Marielyst Family Camping

We rent bikes near Marielyst Familiecamping.

Rent bikes in Marielyst

We rent bikes at several locations on Lolland-Falster - one of them is at Marielyst Familiecamping in Marielyst. Here we have bikes for both children and adults.

Easy and affordable bike rental

It pays to cycle
Lolland-Falster has a wealth of scenic areas that are easily accessible on two wheels. Hop on the iron horse and discover the two beautiful islands with sun on your cheeks and wind in your hair. Tour suggestions: Southernmost Denmark
Worth a visit
Our bike rental service opens up a lot of fun possibilities when you visit Lolland-Falster. Take a trip to Krenkerup Manor, Gedesby Mill or visit Maribosøerne Nature Park and Dodekalitten.