Knuthenborg Safari Park

Find a bike rental location close to Knuthenborg Safari and rent bikes for the whole family in absolute top quality.

Bicycle rental near Knuthenborg Safari Park

Knuthenborg Safari Park is located in Maribo, where Larsson-Cykler also belongs. You therefore have ample opportunity to rent delicious quality bicycles for transport around the island. bike rental we can, do not hesitate to contact us.

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Quality bikes

All bicycles in our bicycle rental are bicycles from This means that our bikes are of top quality, selected for the purpose and always supervised by a professional.


All bicycles are maintained by Larsson bicycles and are therefore serviced and ready for use. We ensure the bikes are maintained all year round.

Bicycles for the whole family

We have bicycles for the whole family, and with our many rental places on Lolland and Falster, we have children's bicycles, bicycles for adults and all the equipment you need on the trip.

Knuthenborg and bike ride

Easy, fast and secure

If you are staying overnight or living close to Knuthenborg Safari Park, you have ample opportunity to rent bicycles for the whole family. We rent bicycles throughout Lolland-Falster, so visitors can easily get green transport.

Bicycles for the whole family

We offer bike rental close to Knuthenborg Safari with iron horses for the whole family. Children as well as adults can get a bike provided that is fast, robust and of high quality.

Enjoy nature

Nature becomes very special on a bicycle. You get exercise, wind in your hair and a lot of fun and good memories. Lolland-Falster has a lot to offer if you visit it yourself.