Gedser Harbor

Bicycle rental at the tip of Falster.

You can rent our bikes at Gedser Harbor

Even on the extreme tip of Falster you will find one of our bike rentals. You can rent bikes for the whole family or group of friends at Gedser harbor and get around Lolland-Falster quickly and easily.

Rent your bike on Donkey here

You can rent your bike on Donkey bikes below.

Larsson bikes work with Donkey Bikes, which can be found all over Lolland and Falster. You can easily rent bikes for the whole family via their app.

From and to Gedser Harbor by bike

Lolland-Falster has lots of attractions

Our bike rental opens up a lot of fun opportunities now that you are visiting Lolland-Falster. Take the trip to Knuthenborg Safari Park , Lalandia and Nature Park Maribosøerne .

Fun In The Pedals

You can rent bikes in many different places on the two islands. We have both bicycles for children and adults. So you can experience Falster on 2 wheels.

Tour suggestions.

Link: Fun in the pedal e.

Quality bikes

All bicycles in our bicycle rental are bicycles from This means our bikes are safe and mandatory, selected for the purpose and always supervised by a professional.


All bicycles are maintained by Larsson bicycles and are therefore serviced and ready for use. We ensure the bikes are maintained so you get the best experience.

Bicycles for the whole family

We have bicycles for the whole family, and with our many rental places on Lolland and Falster, we have children's bicycles, bicycles for adults and all the equipment you need on the trip.